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New geocaching website:

Cache at State Police station in Raton, NM
Cache at State Police station in Raton, NM
Pennington Photo


  • Profile picture of Drew Denny
    Drew Denny 5 years ago

    Although it seems you must be registered to do about anything, including finding a cache by map. However, it generally seems very user friendly.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    It seems like this will compete with or do I misunderstand? If people relocate their caches to a new web site will everyone have to check both web sites to see them all? Does there need to be competition in geocaching web sites?

  • Anonymous 5 years ago is free whereas charges a fee for things like running pocket queries, receiving notification of new caches, etc. also allows virtual caches which are very popular. is supposed to be's solution to virtual caches but it is filled with mundane locations... like McDonald's.

    On the opencaching site, users can rate the caches and also flag any caches that are inappropriate or need to be archived. is rampant with bad caches, abandoned caches, etc that never get archived. This is even after repeated pleas by users.

    I think this site will be a refreshing change to the what has become

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Wow, only 100 other sites have tried this, and everyone of them as failed. This site has what, 4 new entries over the past 3 days in the whole United States, all placed by the same person?

    Oh, and the site happens to be violating Groundspeak's copyrights including using the name geocache and geocaching.

    Just sounds like someone who has a beef against geocaching. Move on...

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Groundspeak does not "own" the word geocache nor geocaching. Although they would like you to think so. This is precisely why thousands have abandoned the "frog". People own geocaching and geocaches. If everybody yanked their caches off of, what would happen to Groundspeak? Would geocaching go with it? I think not. This is precisely why there needs to be a competitive listing service, free of the politricks of heavy handed moderation and requirements.

  • DudleyGrunt 5 years ago

    See this post by Groundspeak's Jeremy as to the status of the trademark for "geocaching". He did copyright it at one time, but chose not to enforce it. Therefore, it is essentially public domain.

    I think competition is very nearly always healthy. I think the sport will only benefit from a viable second site that offers a fully featured product for no cost to the user. I like TerraCaching and Navicache, but neither has significantly updated their site in years and I don't think either can attract AND keep any but the most die-hard cachers.

    I hope people who are truly fans of geocaching and not just Groundspeak will come check out the site and join in helping to make it thrive.

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