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New game retailer coming to Dayton

Move over GameStop, take a seat Wal-Mart, and say hello to the newest player in the video game retail market, Game Swap.  The
based retailer, has decided that it is time to give Daytonians more options when it comes to their gaming purchases.  That is why Ron Wiley, owner of Game Swap, is scouting a second Dayton location in
Huber Heights area.  Wiley has already started to trickle into the Dayton market by opening a store in the Woodlane Shopping Center in Kettering early last year, and the current search is due to bring another location as early as spring of this year. 

Game Swap, which is a retailer that specializes in hard to find classic games, is trying to model itself after the much larger GameStop retailers that we are all accustomed to seeing.  Customers can bring in their old video games and trade them for new games or upgrades, or they can purchase used games at a much cheaper price than their newly packaged counterparts.  Wiley says that his inventory price range usually is somewhere between 99 cents and $80 for the more highly sought after collectibles.  According to Wiley, customers will drive all across the Tri-State to hunt for those nostalgic games that evoke memories of a childhood gone by.  At any one time the stores will have upwards of 700 pieces of merchandise on hand ready to sell or trade.

In addition to video games, Game Swap also sells DVDs, CDs, and even vinyl records.  According to Wiley his stores sell anywhere between 7,000 to 10,000 DVDs a year.

For more info:  If you are interested in checking this cool new store out the address is:
2294 East Dorothy Lane, Kettering, Ohio




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