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New game consoles: Awesome graphics, shrinking hard drives

Download contents, shrinks Xbox One hard drive memory
Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images for Microsoft

Purchasing a new game console is an awesome feeling. Better graphics for new games, more memory space in the hard drive and better online gaming experience. The only problem, some of the games would take up more memory space due to some of the features, but leave you with less hard drive space.

Paul Tassi of reported first hand today, February 23, about his own Xbox One console experience and notices that his hard drive is shrinking quite fast. He constantly has to keep downloading new attachments and customization that promises to “fix the bugs.”

“When installing the COD update, I was troubled to discover that in just the first few months of owning my Xbox One, I’d already filled 38% of its hard drive space. When I first bought the system, 500 GB seemed like a bottomless pit of storage space, but it seems I was blinded by being used to my dinky 20GB 360 that required me to delete DLC every time I wanted to install more DLC.”

This is due to the fact that console gaming is trying to push people into downloading more games instead of buying physical copies. Tassi spoke with a fan online that only downloaded games for his Xbox One system during the three months after it’s release.

“I spoke to one avid Xbox One fan online who says that he’s tried to be the wave of the future and only download games for the system. He’s downloaded 16 games so far (of varying sizes), and three months after release, his One is already 70% full.”

It doesn’t really matter the size of the hard drive, it’s the content that will most likely take up the space you purchased the system for. This makes you miss the old-school gaming when hard drives wasn’t really an issue. You blow into the game cartridge, slam it into the console, play the game and hope you can beat it because you can’t save any of your contents. Those were the days.

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