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On the first date, 32% of women say they are drawn in by their man's smile.
On the first date, 32% of women say they are drawn in by their man's smile.
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THIS week, released a survey of members' expectations of the first date and the beginning a of a relationship, and found that many of them were surprisingly traditional - even in today's hectic lifestyle.

"Like it or not, you have to accept that marriage is the end of a process - you need to establish respect and trust, first," says James, 27, of Lincoln Park.

It is true that the most successful relationships are built upon trust and mutual interest, as well as shared passions and life goals.

The results:

Pucker up? Both genders felt that kissing should be held off; 85% of men and women are uncomfortable kissing someone on the first date, though 35% of men said a kiss would be appropriate on the second.

The Call-Back: At least 55% of women still expect the man to call after the first date, while 73% of men said it's fine for either dater to make contact.

Using the L-word: Fifty percent of singles, both genders, agreed on waiting at least three months before saying "I Love You."

Other surprises:

  • When first meeting, 32% of women are more interested in a man's smile, whereas 30% of men study their dates' eyes.
  • Who should pay? Tradition maintains that the person who initiated the first date should pick up the tab, out of courtesy. According to the survey, most men thought the guy should pay the bill, while 37% said splitting the check was preferable and only 0.2% thought the woman should pay.
  • Dinner and a movie? Half the singles prefer a casual dinner for the first date; less than one percent chose the traditional movie theater stand-by.

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