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New freedom for Stan Stilleto in Tennessee

Knife Liberty 2014
Knife Liberty 2014
photo by Liston Matthews

My name is Stan Stiletto. That's me on the right. I crept across the Rio Grande about forty years ago. In case you haven't been keeping up with the news, there's been lots of talk about amnesty lately. Well, Governor Haslam signed my amnesty bill, effective July 1. I can now take my rightful place in defensive weapon-craft. You see, I am a switchblade. I had been in hiding for decades, not for anything I ever did, but because a few people have misused some of my cousins. Thanks to the change in Tennessee law, I am no longer blamed for the bad acts of others.

Interestingly, Goldilocks knife laws, just like Goldilocks gun laws, always give rise to American ingenuity. My buddy Sog Flash on the left (I call him Flash), is an outstanding example of that ingenuity. Flash, as his name implies, can open in a flash. He is called an assisted opener, and he can be ready for action quicker than I can. All he needs is a little push on the stud, and he is ready to go to work. I, on the other hand, have to have my safety disengaged before I can be deployed with the push of a button.

I had another problem too, you know. See, my blade is over four inches long. Even if I wasn't a switchblade, I could not be legally carried by a good guy in Tennessee until now.

The new law that makes me legal as a switchblade also removes blade length restrictions. I am really appreciative to the legislature and governor for removing these statist prior restraint restrictions in Tennessee. I am glad to see they eliminated some gun restrictions, also, now making it legal to have a defensive gun in a private vehicle.

Now, at long last except in prohibited locations, there are virtually no restrictions on knives in Tennessee. I am looking to the day when my firearms friends will be no longer face the possessive restrictions they now face. On that day, we can celebrate true liberty.

What part of shall not be infringed do they not understand?


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