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New Free Movie Channel Is Launched: getTV Takes To The Airwaves

Family Watching TV
Family Watching TV
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A new digital sub channel may give viewers in some markets another reason to “cut the cable.”

getTV is a new TV movie service that is newly available in several major TV markets as a digital sub channel. Digital sub channels were created when Congress mandated that all over the air broadcast signals be broadcast digitally. This gave over the air channels the ability to essentially sub divide their allotted channel and offer more than one programming stream on each of these sub channels. So, a station may offer its primary affiliation over one of the digital sub channels and another programming stream on another sub channel.
Several programming services have sprung up that are largely meant to be used as digital sub channels. Some of these channels, like Me-TV primarily offer old TV shows. Other channels offer movies.

One of the first digital sub channels to offer movie fare was ThisTV, which is owned by Weigel Broadcasting, which also owns Me-TV. KVLY in the Fargo-Grand Forks-Moorhead market dumped Thistv for Me-TV.
Now, other programming services that offer movies have sprung up. One of the newer digital sub channels that is available is one owned by Sony Pictures Television, getTV.

getTV can be seen as an over the air challenge to TMC. getTV airs product owned by Sony Pictures that is pre-1970s, so it is going more for a classics movie type of audience. Kind of like TMC, it does features particular actors for a month’s time based on their library.

Since part of the branding of TV stations and networks these days is web content and social media, getTV is working on its online image as well. As would be expected, the site features schedules and information about the movies that it airs. It also has trivia quizzes to test people’s knowledge about the movies they air and the stars of their movies.

There are quite a number of digital sub channels that now feature classic TV shows. Movie channels are starting to spring up also. Fox is rolling out its new entry in this field, called Movies! people who live in urban areas that have several digital sub channels could soon find more reasons to cut the cable and not go through a pay service like Hulu, or Netflix for their fill of entertainment. They may find more reasons to get a digital antenna and get their video entertainment for free and not paying for it at all.

Although, like the other digital sub channels, getTV is also available on cable and satellite services.

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