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New Fort Hood Shooting UPDATE

UPDATE 2: Three have been killed, not including the shooter. Another is in "grave" condition. 16 injured. It does appear to have been someone going "postal" after an argument, as opposed to an act of terrorism, but we will see.

UPDATE: So far it appears that only the shooter is dead - by a self-inflicted wound - but at least 14 have been injured, at least four in critical condition. There apparently are no other shooters despite earlier reports. Let's hope this is true. Could this be the same person the FBI has been looking for who disappeared after declaring his intention to launch a Ft. Hood-style jihad?

Original article:

According to CNN, one shooter is dead and another still at large at Fort Hood in an "active shooter" situation. Injuries have been reported, but the extent of the injuries, the number injured or if any have been killed is not known.

Ft. Hood was the scene of the horrific mass murder by radical Islamist Nidal Hassan in November 2009. Then, as now, rank-and-file military personnel were not authorized to carry loaded weapons. Then as now, people have paid the price for living in a "gun free" zone.

USA Today is reporting at least one person killed, although it is not clear if they are counting the shooter here. Shooting broke out at 4:25 pm near a transportation motor pool at a medical support building.

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