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New Forestdale Youth and Family Center opens in Hollis, Queens

This new center will serve families throughout the borough of Queens.
This new center will serve families throughout the borough of Queens.

A new youth and family center under the supervision of child welfare agency Forestdale opened to the public on June 10 in Hollis, Queens. While Forestdale is officially located in Forest Hills, this particular center will serve families from throughout the borough of Queens. This initiative follows in the wake of another one last month, when Forestdale successfully opened a dental clinic for foster care youth within its own campus grounds.

"All of us at Forestdale believe in the importance of being in the community we serve," said Forestdale Executive Director Anstiss Agnew. "We strive to live up to our motto: Family When Families Need Us."

At the event, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz praised Forestdale's work with families. "Forestdale's expansion to Hollis is great for Queens," she said. "We need to make sure families have a safe place to get services and that children are cared for when their families are in turmoil."

"We all have a big stake in how our kids do, in making sure they get where they want to be," said Queens Borough Deputy President Leroy Comrie, who previously represented Hollis in the New York City Council. "Forestdale is an oasis for our children."

The new center will offer several youth tutoring and mentoring programs, as well services geared towards helping parents, such as the Forestdale Fathering Initiative and Teen Parents in Action. The Forestdale Youth and Family Center is located at 203-09 Hollis Avenue in Hollis, Queens and will be open Monday through Saturday from 9AM-5PM.