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New flu vaccine: Replacing the needle

A new flu vaccine patch
A new flu vaccine patch
NBC News

The dreaded flu vaccine - via a needle in the arm – may give way to a more friendly way of getting vaccinated against the flu. A new flu vaccine is being developed by researchers who work at the Georgia Institute of Technology, according to a WebProNews report on Monday.

The new flu vaccine is simply a patch that one puts on his or her arm – and can be done at home without going to a doctor’s office or a pharmacist’s quarters where the dreaded needle awaits for the medical procedure.

The patch reportedly has 50 very tiny needles which barely enters the skin – and therefore won’t hurt. Besides being quick, easy, and painless, the researchers have found that the results of the patch are turning out better than the results of the needle.

Quite logically, the Georgia Institute of Technology’s study also reveals that people much prefer the patch to the needle.