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New flooring for a wet concrete floor... REALLY!

With all the Spring rains we've had in eastern Kansas lately, you might have been a victim of "wet basement-itis"  There is a great new floorcovering product that's ideal for concrete floors that are susceptible to excess moisture.  What makes it different is that it is completely synthetic and has no reaction to moisture-from above OR below the surface! Think about it… if you have a damp concrete floor in your basement or a "patio home" (one with a concrete slab floor), your new floorcovering won't be ruined by it. Traditional vinyl flooring has a paper backing that, when exposed to excessive moisture, will shrink, curl up or delaminate. This new product has a fiberglass layer in the middle that prevents any of that! In many cases, the vinyl can be laid WITHOUT adhesive so if the floor gets wet, simply roll up the vinyl, let the floor AND the back of the vinyl dry then lay it back down. How easy can it get!?

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At The Floor Trader, 3000 Iowa Street in Lawrence, there are twenty or more designs IN STOCK (plus others they can have sent in from the factory) from famous brand names like Armstrong, Tarkett and IVC. Most are variations on ceramic tile, courtyard tile and wood plank designs in many versatile, neutral color blends. The rolls or material are 12 feet wide so seaming is eliminated or minimized in many rooms. It's incredibly flexible… feeling slightly padded and rubbery, it's more comfortable and warmer. You can cut the flooring to fit with a heavy pair of scissors. If you need to scrunch it up to cut an edge or tuck it under a door frame, it will spring back to its original form! The people at Floor Trader can fill you in on other installation details.

And here's the real kicker… It's affordable! At this time, there are in-stock designs at Lawrence's Floor Trader that start just over $1.00 a square foot. (That's about 40% under retail!) The basic grades make a quick, easy room makeover in a home you're going to sell or to fix up as a rental property. The better grades are thicker and more durable for the home you're going to keep. It works all over the house, over a concrete or wood subfloor. Think kitchen, bath, laundry room, basement rec room, storage room, workout room, even your workspace in the garage! Hose it down, dry it off and you're ready to go.




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