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New Fiverr ARS rating system leads to uproar

New Fiverr ARS rating system leads to uproar
Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images

A recent report by Fox Business News on July 2, 2014 discusses the many issues currently facing the professional freelancer. Whether entering into this line of work by choice or out of necessity, freelancing comes with its own set of unique challenges. Finding and maintaining client relationships, time management skills, budgeting and bookkeeping, and managing customer expectations are all part of the game. But how does one manage a freelancing business when the rules seemingly change overnight?

This is a question that is spreading like wildfire across the Fiverr Blogosphere this July 4, 2014. On June 15, 2014, Fiverr officials implemented a new rating system called ARS or the Advanced Rating System. Instead of customers rating each order with a simple “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, now a new 5-Star rating is being requested across three different categories of service, including

  • Seller Response Time
  • Service as Expected
  • Buy Again or Recommend

This unexpected change is leading many freelancing professionals in the Fiverr community to become up in arms. The Fiverr blog is filled with rants, complaints, and demands for the old ratings system to be instantly reinstated. Some have even chosen to boycott Fiverr for the July 4th holiday while others are threatening to leave the website altogether.

So why all the fear and panic? Many of the top selling Fiverr freelancers have spent years establishing a very high rating under the old system by selling to customers from all over the globe. As of June 15, all freelancers got a clean slate, essentially leveling the playing field by giving all gigs, old and new, a 5-Star rating overnight, without prior consent, and without previous notice of the coming change.

The success of the new ratings system may take several weeks or even months to completely evaluate, but the initial response seems to be somewhat unimpressive.

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