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New fiscal year brings changes to motive, approach and power

It happens every year at this time. Staff layoffs; work a round', new budgets and new opportunities for a ground swell of ideas that are fresh and begin new ministry. At Focus on the Family this is the case with the artist formerly known as Briargate Media, and up until the end of FY 13, the end is being looked at as a new beginning. For some of the media professionals and back office people who negotiate, syndicate and produce the best of Christian Media, they have been down this road and up this creek before. The singer sings, "Can't believe I am here again-new beginnings with sharp jagged ends..." It is a creative bunch and with a bit of severance and a lot of prayer, they are all asking the same question in unified prayer: "Show me, Lord. Send me and I will go." It is in the chorus of the staff songwriter. "The next chapter; where you send, show me where and I will go." In a press conference, Executive Director of Content Management announced that Likewise Advertising will be helping media affiliates create, produce, and sell ads for certain programs. "We will be partnering with elemental media platforms like Truli Media, and be bartering with stations to air certain programs." Many of the programs are produced by Vantage Point NY, a kind of research and development playground for Christian Radio, TV and publishing.

Breakthrough Management happends on the Mall
City planning

Urban Praise Movement

"In our thoughts and prayers," are the people who are in the inner cities and are looking to dig and to go deeper through message, mission and music. So we are looking for artists who are worship leaders and who have a heart for the city but get that the sound is more than the homogenized Nashville Sound that Christian Music Broadcasters are giving us." One of the artists is Worship Mob and in particular, singer, songwriter, Seth Enos who wrote and produced a song about the devastation of The Black Forest fire in Colorado Springs. "It has the grittiness and raw emotion -but it helps to have open hands instead of clenched fists." Other artists are people like Alma Rivera, a Latin Christian artist who ministers in Long Island.

Music and Lyrics

The original words and music become a prayer for the crew at Briargate Media. The office looks a bit like the set of "Fiddler on the Roof" when the villagers in Anatevka are being forced to leave the town. The community at Briargate is kind of like that. The singer sings, the people weep; and the goodbyes are coming...

1. I can't believe we are here again;

new beginnings come from bitter ends.

The next chapter- is where He sends us

Show me where and I will go.

2. The lonely hills- I'm crying it out

No one sees me- except for You

I will trust and I will obey

show me, send me and I will go... your way.

SHOW me-SEND me and I will go that way...

CHORUS: I do believe you will rescue us

I'm covered in the Savior's Blood

I'm walking in your light-your love

Show me- send me and I will go...

Bridge: The glory of God is fully alive

The story of us, is the story of the risen Christ!

The burning bush is where i want to live,

let it burn alive in me...

Verse: I believe you will speak to me

It s your truth that sets the captives free

The coming days are what I long to see,

show me, send me and I will go.


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