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New Film Company in Fresno, California

These days, with the help of sites like Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, and all those other social media and entertainment sites, it’s easy to get your name out there. So why not a company with eight years of theatre experience try to branch out into film making. The People Next Door Theatre Company has formed a new company, The People Next Door Film Company.

The owners combined have around 40 years of experience in the theatre world. Also a BA in Theatre Arts - Acting and an AA in Theatre Arts. This has been a long time in the making. They’ve been talking about filming for a while. Theatre is a wonderful thing but the co-founders of the company decided it was time to put the theatre part of their company on hold and try their hand at film making.

Their first film, Therapy, is viewable on the company’s Facebook page and on the theatre company’s Youtube page, Therapy was part of their Rogue Festival hit, “A Weird Dream.“ It was a collection of ten minute plays.

Their second project is Chronicles of Death. It was originally a one act play that they performed in the Rogue Festival. It performed to multiple sold-out audiences. It was The People Next Door Theatre Company’s first big play, with sets and sound effects. They are filming each scene like it is a separate episode in a series. They are currently in production of the scene “The Poker Game,” a new scene that was written after the end of the stage run of Chronicles of Death. They plan to start with something no one has ever seen and then throw in more new scenes with old scenes that were originally performed.

They have more films lined up too. They should be looking for actors to fill the roles; and like before with the theatre company, this company hopes to help actors gain experience in the film world. If there are any actors not getting the parts they want and / or think they need experience, they should check them out.

If you’d like more information about the company, feel free to check out their face book page,

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