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New fault line map turns glitter of Hollywood to perils of Tinseltown builders

New fault line map shows faults Hollywood hot spots, not good for new construction!
New fault line map shows faults Hollywood hot spots, not good for new construction!
Wikimedia Commons

A new fault map for Los Angeles, California shows a fault line cutting right through an area of Hollywood that has a new skyscraper project in the works. Another fault line is about six miles long and 1000-feet wide and runs parallel with Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Strip, a place where a lot of new construction in taking place, according to All on Jan.9.

The Millennium Hollywood Skyscrapers project that has been approved by the city consists of 39 and 35 story skyscrapers. The new map shows it is going up just about on top of one of these fault lines. If the location does fall that close to the fault line, a problem will be on the table for the developers.

The map shows higher risks of earthquakes in the L.A. area than previously thought, according to the L.A. Times today. Putting up tall buildings look like a risky business anywhere near these newly mapped-out fault lines.

A state law that bars buildings going up on fault lines will make this new Millennium Hollywood project a nightmare if it is straddling a fault line as the map seems to suggest. Another sizable project called Blvd 6200 also seems to be stationed close by a fault line.

California’s ban on building along fault lines came after the 1971 Sylmar earthquake. The 1994 earthquake revealed a fault that no one had known about. The devastation done to the buildings that were built along that fault line will most likely be held as an example for years to come against building on or near fault lines, according to Fox News live on Thursday afternoon.

Chances are anyone that was around for that earthquake will not want to live in an apartment building built on or near a fault line. It appears that this latest fault line map will cause some serious problems for builders in the L.A. area with their new projects going on. It is even speculated that projects underway could be halted.

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