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New fantasies for young adults and middle schoolers

Here are some new fantasies for young adults.

A medieval joust
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"Up from the Grave" (Avon, $6.99), by Jeaniene Frost, is the latest tale about the vampire duo Cat and Bones. It is also the last, because in this book Frost ends her focus on this paranormal couple. She might offer them in guest appearances in future, but fans need to read this one if they want a long lasting dose of their favorite couple.

"The Forbidden Library" (Kathy Dawson Books, $16.99), by Django Wexler, is aimed at middle schoolers. This debut novel introduces heroine Alice, whose father disappears in a shipwreck, and who goes to live with her uncle Geryon. There she enters a forbidden library. She meets a boy, Isaac, who dares her to open a book. When she does, she falls inside. The books may lead her to father, but meantime she is in danger.

"The Nethegrim" (Philomel, $17.99), by Matthew Jobin, is also for middle schoolers. In ancient times the wizard Vithric had defeated evil Nethegrim and minions. But children are disappearing and it seems Nethegrim is back. Edmund's brother is missing and he knows he must go searching for him even if it costs him his life.

"The Slanted Worlds" (Penguin, $17.99), by Catherine Fisher, is the second in the "Obsidian Mirror" series. The Obsidian mirror has great powers and many want to possess it. Jake wants to find his father. Venn wants to find his wife. Sara just wants to destroy the mirror. If any of them is to succeed, all must work together.

"Vampire Most Wanted" (Avon, $7.99), by Lynsay Sands, is the 20th book in the Aregneau Vampire series. Basha Argeneau, or Madame Divine, a carnival fortune teller, is the focus of this book. She has been hiding for a millenia, but now her family wants to find her. Marcus Notte is sent to track her down and warned not to succumb to her erotic charms.

"The Queen of the Yearling" (Harper, $26.99), by Erika Johansen, is her debut novel. A nineteen-year-old girl comes of age in medieval Europe. Kelsea Raleigh Glynn is heir to the Kingdom of Tearling. The kingdom is torn by economic disparity, drug addiction, poor educational systems and unemployment, but Glynn believes she can usher in prosperous democracy. Parallels to 21st Century American are obvious but the twists are not.

"Snakeroot" (Philomel, $18.99), by Andrea Cremer, is the latest in the "Nightshade" series. It continues the story of the battle between the Searchers and the Keepers, who are witches and warlocks.

"The Undead Pool" (Harper Voyager, $27.99), by Kim Harrison, is the latest in "The Hollows" series. Rachel Morgan must stop a supernatural world war by curtailing the activity of the Elves. She is troubled by a living vampire who is leading a "Free Vampire" insurrection, who looks just like her deceased lover.

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