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New Family TV Series "The Sparrows" is announced by Nandar Entertainment

Nancy Criss, Nandar Entertainment, has announced a new TV series, The Sparrows, that will focus on the "Sparrow" family with the backdrop of beautiful Arizona. This production comes on the heels of her upcoming family-friendly feature film, A Horse for Summer, to be released in May, 2014.

New TV Series, The Sparrows
Nandar Entertainment

The premise of the series: After the death of his wife a middle-aged executive leaves his world and reluctantly moves with his two daughters to his estranged father's ranch in Arizona. His father's future wife and teenaged step-grandson, bring depth to the story lines that give this TV series the texture found in The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie.

"Our world is in need of good, wholesome programming for kids that wraps its arms around what it means to be a family, no matter how diverse, and how we must all come together to survive," says director, Nancy Criss.

The series is being written by award-winning screenwriters Kenneth Lemm and Jane L. Fitzpatrick, directed by Nancy Criss with Executive Producer, R. Glenn Brannan. Talented actors will include child stars Nicole Criss, as Emily Sparrow, and Chalet Brannan, as Anjela Sparrow, with special appearances by Terri Minton and Teri Lee. Casting is in talks with Christopher Rich, from the REBA TV series, and it's rumored actors Christopher Atkins and Edward James Olmos will also join the production, among other talented performers.

The Sparrows will begin broadcasting on FOX affiliate channels in the Fall of 2014 to an estimated 60 million households. Check you local listings for the day and time and watch for details about this inspiring TV series on Facebook at Nandar Entertainment:


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