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New Facebook page helps people find dogs in need to foster and adopt

Photo courtesey of Lucky Lab Rescue and Jen Moser
Jen Moser

Have you ever wanted to foster or adopt a dog but have been too busy to go to your local shelter or comb through internet websites?

Now you can see hundreds of dogs that need a foster or adoptive home pop up right in your Facebook news feed! A new page called, "I Want to Foster or Adopt a Rescue Dog", launched 48 hours ago, already has more than 200 followers. The goal: To save animal's lives and they need your help!

The Facebook page is administered by volunteer animal rescuers from the East and West Coasts, the South, and the Midwest who post dogs from across the country. People who "like" the page, or stop by online, see a good array of dogs out there that need help. Many are "urgent" meaning they're on death row, and need a temporary or "forever home" as soon as possible.

People should expect to see puppies to pure breed and mixed breed dogs who ended up in a shelter through no fault of their own. If you fall in love with a dog you see on the site the good news is many can be adopted and safely transported across the country. One San Antonio, Texas shelter with a terrible animal overpopulation problem is now sending local dogs all the way to New Hampshire and Indiana just to give them a shot at a new life and a loving home. So if a glimmer in a pup's eye melts your heart you may be able to adopt the pooch even if you don't live near the shelter.

What does fostering a dog mean?

Fostering dogs also helps save lives and it's tax deductible. You allow a pup or pooch to stay with you for a temporary amount of time, sometimes a week or a month, until the dog finds its "furever home" or is transferred to another rescue group.

In some animal shelters a dog has to be "out of the facility" by 5 p.m. that day or it will be euthanized. Fosters come to the rescue in these emergency situations.You're literally saving their lives by giving them a temporary home, it's that easy. Many businesses are now giving doggie foster parents discounts on services, food and pet sitting. Some shelters and rescue groups also provide vet and medical care for free while a dog is in a foster home.

New Facebook page "I Want to Foster or Adopt a Rescue Dog" is looking for reputable rescue posters

The new Facebook page "I Want to Foster or Adopt a Rescue Dog" is looking for volunteers from across the country to help post dogs in dire need of a home. Please contact them through the page if you'd like to be considered.

How you can help

If you're interested in adopting or fostering a dog, please stop by and "like" the page. If you know someone interested in fostering or adopting please tell them about the page. Please "share" this article on your social media pages to spread the word about this new doggie saving resource.

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