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New evidence in the Elaina Steinfurth disappearance?

Missing from Toledo, OH
Missing from Toledo, OH

A fisherman in Toledo, Ohio made a chilling discovery while fishing south of the Anthony Wayne Bridge on the Maumee river. Patrick Howard snagged his fishing line on something underwater, and when he pulled his reel in, he discovered “a tuft of brownish blonde hair” attached to the hook.

Does the hair belong to the missing 18-month-old baby Elaina Steinfurth who vanished from the home of her mom’s boyfriend, June 2nd? Sgt. Joe Heffernan says that if the hair turns out to be human a hair, a DNA analysis will be done to see if it is Elaina’s.

Remember, this is the same river that Elaina’s mom, allegedly told her cellmate Elaina’s body had been thrown into by her boyfriend Steven King.

Elaina’s mom Angela Steinfurth is sitting behind bars on charges of child endangering and obstruction of justice. Police claim that Elaina was injured before she went missing and Angela failed to get her daughter medical treatment.

While behind bars, Angela allegedly told her cellmate, Connie Elam that Elaina was thrown against the wall the day she went missing, she died, and that she was wrapped in a blanket and thrown off the Wayne Bridge by Steven King. Angela was allegedly with King while all of this happened.

What do you think about the discovery of hair by the fisherman? Is it Elaina’s? If it is, this makes the cellmates story more credible.

Additionally, we haven’t heard any comment from Steven King since this case has hit the headlines. He has been implicated in throwing the dead body of a baby off a bridge, and he is silent. If I were accused of doing something as horrific as that, I’d defend myself against the allegations, not hide.

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