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New environmental report card for candy

GMOs: The unhealthy snack
GMOs: The unhealthy snack
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Today Greenopia released an environmental analysis of 10 of the top candy manufacturers. The top brands receiving 4 out of a possible 4 leafs were Theo Chocolate and Endangered Species Chocolate.

Major brands such as Hershey’s, Mars, Wonka, and Godiva did not fare very well in the study, although many have significantly improved their supply chain over the past few years and have pledged continued action.

The U.S. buys over 90 million pounds of candy each Halloween for trick-or-treaters, but the vast majority of this is produced with little environmental or ethical consideration. Greenopia, in its mission to educate consumers as to the environmental affects of their purchasing decisions, aims to address this concern and show which brands are the most eco-friendly and where they can be purchased.

“We wanted to encourage parents to hand out more sustainable candy this Halloween,” said Gay Browne, Founder of Greenopia. “Some of the major brands source unethical ingredients that are grown using unsustainable methods. Consumers should know the origin and impact of what they are buying.”

Greenopia used a comprehensive set of criteria to determine the candy company ratings. Data was collected from the companies themselves pertaining to the ingredient sourcing, transparency, transportation methods, attributes of the product’s packaging, and company logistics. Weights were set based off the relative life cycle impacts of each criterion during candy production.

“We were surprised about the lack of environmental progress and transparency by some of the top brands,” said Doug Mazeffa, Greenopia’s Research Director. “The major brand who stood out in a positive way was Cadbury, having committed to utilizing a large amount of responsibly-sourced chocolate starting this year.”

Other sustainability experts point out that candy manufacturers are among the largest purchasers of genetically modified (GM) ingredients, like GM beet sugar and high fructose corn syrup, which have been linked to serious health and environmental problems.

Greenopia employs its award-winning eco-analysis method to deliver actionable green-assessments to the rapidly growing green consumer market. Green businesses and merchants use Greenopia’s targeted marketing methods to effectively reach consumers making greener choices.


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