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New English screenshots from ‘NAtURAL DOCtRINE’ released

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NIS America’s upcoming PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita game, “NAtURAL DOCtRINE” hits stores this September, and today the publisher has unveiled a new batch of English language screenshots for the hardcore strategy title.

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“NAtURAL DOCtRINE” was developed by Kadokawa Game Studio as the developer’s inaugural title. In the game, players enter the sprawling network of mines and ruins that surround the fortress city of Feste, in search of Pluton, a highly coveted and vital material, used for a variety of things, including fueling magical spells, important for players as it is used for attacking, defensive and recovery magic. During their first journey into the mines, players will come face-to-face with a new evil, lurking below the surface. Gamers will have to lead their band of explorers in the fight against this new threat, and warn the kingdom of the encroaching enemy, before it is too late.

The “NAtURAL DOCtRINE” battle system looks unique, and should offer strategy fans a fun challenge, as some objects can offer cover, and having the high ground gives you an advantage. Gun wielding characters will also have the bonus of being able to use cover fire, attacking an enemy before they are able to harm an ally, but ranged fighters will have to be wary of friendly fire, since a single ally death means it is game over. “NAtURAL DOCtRINE” will also have the added feature of cross-play and cross-save.

To learn more about “NAtURAL DOCtRINE”, you can visit the game’s newly launched official site. The new English screenshots for “NAtURAL DOCtRINE” can be found in the slideshow on the left.

NIS America will release “NAtURAL DOCtRINE” digitally and physically for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita systems in North America on September 16, 2014. European gamers can expect to see the game release a few days later, on September 19, 2014.