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New English screens released for ‘Fairy Fencer F’

© 2014 COMPILE HEART All rights reserved. Published by NIS America, Inc.

Over the weekend, video game publisher NIS America released a new set of English language screenshots for its upcoming PlayStation 3 RPG, “Fairy Fencer F”, highlighting some of the game’s characters.

Fairy Fencer F
© 2014 COMPILE HEART All rights reserved. Fairy Fencer F is a trademark of IDEA FACTORY. Licensed to PREAPP Co., Ltd. Published by NIS America, Inc.

The new images are available in the slideshow on the left, and they give a quick look at some of the game’s main cast. Among those found in the slideshow are, Fang, the sometimes lazy and always foul-mouth Fencer, who is also the game’s main character, along with Eryn, Fang’s fairy partner, who doesn’t seem to think very highly of her new partner. Gamers will also get a glimpse at Tiara, a refined and serious Fencer with a masochistic side, Harley, a scatterbrained Fencer and fairyologist, with an obsession for all things fairy related. Also included in the images is Bahus, an accomplished cook, domestic caretaker and Harley’s fairy partner.

The mysterious and wise Fencer Pippin, who oddly enough has a sword sticking out of his head also makes an appearance. Pippen is often accompanied by Soji, a well mannered butler and Pippen’s fairy partner, though he is often mistaken for a Fencer himself. The screenshots also include Sherman, a Fencer who desires world piece and wishes to keep Furies out of the hands of those who would do wrong, along with his fairy partner Ryushin, who definitely stands out, as he looks like a robot.

“Fairy Fencer F” will be available digitally and physically from NIS America for the PlayStation 3 in North America beginning on September 23, 2014. The European release will follow on September 26, 2014. To learn more about “Fairy Fencer F”, you can visit the game’s official site.

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