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New England, the band

At the Regent Theater in Arlington on Friday, August 15, 2014
At the Regent Theater in Arlington on Friday, August 15, 2014
Photo: Provided by the band.

On Friday, August 15, 2014 the band New England will perform their first full length show since 1983. They will feature twenty songs from the band's three CD's and possibly debut some new music. Opening for New England will be Jon Butcher.

New England
PHOTO: Provided by the band.

The band still has all four of the original members: John Fannon on lead vocals and guitar, Hirsh Gardner on drums and vocals, Jimmy Waldo on keyboards and vocals and Gary Shea on bass.

This band came on to the music scene in 1979 with their self titled album, "New England" on Infinity Records/MCA. From this album came a hit single which made it to the Top 40 called, "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya." Paul Stanley of the band KISS was one of the two producers of this first album. Their second album, entitled "Explorer Suite" put the band on the road head lining large clubs and shared arena billing with bands AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Journey and KISS.

A third album, produced by legendary Todd Rungren was released entitled, "Walking Wild" which includes popular tracks, "Don't Ever Let Me Go" and "Holdin Out On Me." Shortly thereafter, New England disbanded.

Although the band parted ways, all four have remained in the music business and have stayed friends. Fannon and Gardner have become well known music producers and Shea and Waldo joined the band Alcatraz and traveled the world.

Examiner spoke with Gary Shea about their upcoming show.

Examiner: Is this a reunion show on August 15, 2014?

Shea: "The "Reunion" is a misnomer in that we have been playing and recording together since our real Reunion, at the Music for Middlesex Benefit concert in 2005. We played the following year at the 2006 Middlesex Benefit. Then last summer we played The Channel Reunion Concert at The Cafe Royale in Boston. So we do play, just not all the time as a band."

Examiner: The benefit shows have been a success for you as a band and have brought you back out to the forefront and introduced the band to a new audience.

Shea: " Yes, with the resounding success and feedback from these benefit shows we decided to officially pursue more venues to play on our own, hence our show this month at The Regent Theater in Arlington, August 15th. This is our first Headlining Show where we will be able to play much of our catalog of music and possibly debut some new music."

Examiner: Do you have any other shows planned?

Shea: "We plan on doing more shows around the North East and are exploring more opportunities that we are being offered at the moment in other parts of the world."

Examiner: Your biggest fan base is here in Boston. Do you have anything coming up around here besides the Regent Show?

Shea: "The group will be performing an acoustic set Live on WAAF FM on Carmelita`s show at 12:00 a.m., August 10, 2014.

For more information on the upcoming Regent Theater Show: (781)646-4849 or

VIP Packages are available as well as meet and greet, photo op with the band and an official signed concert poster.

Visit the band website:

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