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New England's airports reach far beyond Boston

Southwest Airlines jet, 'New Mexico One' at Manchester Airport in New Hampshire
Southwest Airlines jet, 'New Mexico One' at Manchester Airport in New Hampshire
Chris Van Veen

“You can’t get there from here!”

Decades ago, if you wanted to travel by air from New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine or Vermont you pretty much had to do so from Boston. To many people outside our region, ‘New England’ means ‘Boston.’ That’s an unfortunate characterization for a proud six-state collective that is full of distinction and individuality. Cities, states and regions need access to excellent air travel in order to remain vibrant. Because tourism and economic growth both depend on airlines and airports, it’s important that each state capitalizes on their assets.

Besides the crown jewel that is Boston’s Logan International Airport, several other airports help ensure that air travel in the region flows smoothly. Not everyone can (or even wants to) fly through Logan. If you’re heading to or from Stowe, Vermont you certainly don’t want to. The same holds true for Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island. That’s why the vibrancy and success of every commercial airport across New England states is crucial.

Commercial aviation touches everyone. Even if you don’t fly at all (or much), you’re impacted by someone who does or will. The epicenter of New England commercial aviation might well be Boston, but not by much. Major commercial airports in Hartford, Manchester, Providence, Portland, Burlington, and Bangor are busy places these days, and they all help to ensure that Logan operates efficiently. These so-called ‘secondary airports’ are themselves economic engines for the communities they serve, and passengers favor them because of cost advantages of overall convenience.

When you board an airliner, there’s so much that you don’t see and so much that you won’t understand. As passengers, our only outlets are anger and frustration. But the goal here is to help demystify the commercial airline landscape in New England and to give you a peek into which airlines are flying where…and why! You'll also learn about the largely unseen world of air cargo, managed by UPS and Federal Express.

Fasten your seat belts and put your tray tables in their upright and locked position!