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New electric vehicle parking spaces coming

Spaces to park on street just for electric vehicles will show up on city streets in San Diego. Marked curbs and signs will make handling parking easier.

City councilmembers gave the okay on the designated electric vehicle parking this week. After a month passes, workers can begin putting in the marked parking.

The city leaders depend on the cars, trucks, and motorcycles that give off less greenhouse gases than gas combustion vehicles at like standard sizes to keep the drivers' share of air pollution down. Spaces only EV drivers can fill make empty spaces easier to find, and "encourage" consumers to choose electric vehicles. Workers and residents can avoid problems with limited parking.

Ford Focus and Nissan Leaf counts continue to go up in San Diego. City drivers get EV offers from a growing number of car makers.

San Diego is "on track to becoming a plug-in friendly city," the city council reports. Work on building up the electric vehicle infrastructure has not come close to an end. Addng charging stations regularly stays on the city's projects list. The Southern California city now will join other California cities that chose to put in EV parking. Santa Monica and Hermosa Beach gave city locals a stock of EV spaces before the city council in SanDiego took up Electric Vehicle Parking Zones for a vote. Davis local had their designated spaces in 2010.

An ordinance amendment guarantees EV drivers can use parking in their own spaces in the future. Electric Vehicle Parking Zones were added to the Traffic and Vehicles Code section that fixes parking in Alley Parking Zones and Car Share Zones.

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