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New edible water casing invention -- a replacement for plastic?

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“Ooho” is a new scientific breakthrough that could forever replace the water bottle and serve our planet good. But the question is: Is it practical?

Made by three Spanish design students, Ooho is a gelatinous pouch of H2O. The outer casing holds water similar to the human bladder. Composed of calcium chloride and brown algae, even the casing is consumable. The invention literally leaves nothing to waste.

Ooho is made up of very inexpensive materials. Anyone can concoct their own Ooho-like portable water product at home by putting ice into the outer casing, which only cost 2 cents to make. (DIY instructions are on the way.)

Although Ooho could be perfect for water break stations at running events (no more plastic cups), it may not be sanitary to simply throw in your bag for later, set down on an unclean surface, or take with you while hiking or biking. This is where Ooho leaves consumers to decide if its earth-friendliness trumps its lack of practicality.

One breakthrough often leads to another bigger and better idea. For now, Ooho is a huge step in the right direction for greenies and our planet.