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New 'Edge of Tomorrow' trailer starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt now online

According to Cinema Blend on March 25, the new film, "Edge of Tomorrow", debuts its full trailer. The movie stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt who portray soldiers of the future. There is a unique take on the situation, Cruise's character keeps reliving the same futuristic battle over and over again at the very moment of his death.

Tom Cruise as Major William Cage and Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski in the epic sci-fi thriller 'Edge of Tomorrow' from Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures.
Photo by David James Caption and Warner Brothers Pictures

It appears death keeps sending Lieutenant Colonel Bill Cage back to a certain point in time to start again and each time he becomes more skillful in reaching his goals to win the war. From the trailer it appears he holds some kind of power to "get it right" each times he jumps backwards in time and repeats the procedure.

Previous films had followed a similar theme like Bruce Willis' "Looper" and of course the classic "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray. Of course, Cruise's character won't be keeping an eye out for any ground hogs, but aliens instead.

Unlike other "time looping" films, Blunt's character, unlike Murray's, seems to understand Cage's predicament.

"Edge of Tomorrow" will debut in theaters on June 6.

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