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New DVD Releases: What You Might Have Missed at the Movies

Sometimes we don’t have the chance to see the movies we want when they are in theaters. Luckily, every Tuesday we have the chance to see those movies we either couldn’t afford or couldn’t make time to see before. Here are a few of the movies you might have missed on the big screen that are released today on DVD.

  1. Lee Daniels’ “The Butler”: Although snubbed at the Golden Globes, this movie still drew attention from nationwide audiences. An all-star cast tells the inspired by true events story of a White House butler who served eight different presidents over many decades during some of the most influential moments of our nation’s history. Forest Whitaker stars as the butler, Robin Williams is Dwight Eisenhower, John Cusack is Richard Nixon, Alan Rickman is Ronald Reagan, and James Marsden is John F. Kennedy, just to name a few of the A-listers. For more information on this movie please visit:
  2. “Carrie”: A remake, or some might call it, the real story of Stephan King’s classic on screen. Hollywood has recently remade many horror movies due to the advances in special effects, and this movie is one that couldn’t be left behind. This tells the story of Carrie White, a shy, bullied teenage girl, who is sheltered by her over religious mother, until all hell breaks loose when she is pushed over the edge at her high school prom. Want more frightening details, visit the movies homepage:
  3. “You’re Next”: Not just another home invasion horror movie, this movie takes an original and new terrifying twist on the genre. As shown in the trailers, the Davison family is gathering for a fun, quiet and peaceful family reunion when a group of psychotic, murderers decide to break up the fun. The time goes from family fun to a fight for their lives, until one unlikely guest proves to be the one person these killers weren’t expecting. Want to find out how to get your hands on the new release or additional details please check out the website:
  4. “Riddick”: The newest release in the saga which started in 2000 with the movie "Pitch Black", followed up in 2004 with "The Chronicles of Riddick" and finally we get this movie which continues the sci-fi action reuniting writer/director David Twohy and star Vin Diesel again. "Riddick" follows star Diesel as the antihero of the same name as the movie who is a dangerous outlaw that is searched by every bounty hunter in the galaxy. This movie finds Riddick left for dead on a planet infested with deadly aliens which leave him no other choice but to send a rescue beacon so that all those who are searching can find him. Riddick finds himself trapped between two equally horrible alternatives and audiences ride along as he fights for his life. Want to know more, find all your can handle here:

No matter what you are in the mood for a history period piece, horror or a little sci-fi action, this week has just the DVDs for you. Be sure to catch up on all the action you might have missed by making it a "movie night" tonight.

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