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New ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ demo reveals more details on crafting, travel

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There are now fewer than three months until the launch of Dragon Age: Inquisition. As the release date approaches, Bioware is revealing more and more gameplay details about the upcoming title in order to build interest. After receiving a recent hands-on demo of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Game Informer was free to discuss several aspects of the game in a new article that was published on July 11.

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While it has been known that Dragon Age: Inquisition will offer a much larger game map than earlier installments of the series, the recent demo revealed to what extent the world size has grown. Bioware confirmed that the Hinterlands region, just one of many zones located within Inquisition, is larger than all of the playable areas of Dragon Age: Origins alone.

To help traverse a map of this size, gamers already know that they will access to various mounts for the first time in any Dragon Age game. However, the recent demo also confirmed that the upcoming entry will also include a “fast travel” system that will allow players to teleport to any previously discovered location on the map.

Another topic shown during the demo is how crafting and gathering will work within the new title. Unlike Dragon Age II, which provided gamers with an infinite amount of crafting resources once they were discovered, crafting in Inquisition will actually consume the materials during item creation. However, the source of each material will respawn in the world over time. For example, plants will regrow while animals repopulate. The gathered materials can even be used to create armors for the Inquisitor and companion characters. Also, unlike Dragon Age II, equipped armor will also visually appear on party members.

Dragon Age: Inquisition launches on both the new and old generation of consoles on Oct. 9. Players will be able to select race, class, and gender of their protagonist.