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New Dove Advanced Care anti-perspirant/deoderant: Review


To kickoff Spring 2014, Dove has introduced the PitiCure collection of deodorants. The Pop Culture Examiner was fortunate to snag three of the deodorants from Dove’s new lineup and is here to share her experience with PCE readers.

The Pop Culture Examiner needs to begin with a little information about armpits. Seriously, we don’t often think about our armpits … until they begin to cause us a problem. But, do you realize that our armpits are skin? Yep armpits are skin and as such, require the same loving care as any other body part.

A few issues that we’ve experienced with this delicate area are irritation after shaving, pimples, and itching caused by certain deodorants. Proper care for our armpit area requires exfoliation, a rinse and follow-up care that only Dove can deliver. The Pop Culture Examiner received Clear Tone Skin Renew (improved), Cool Essentials (new) and Nourished Beauty (new) from Dove’s PitiCure line. The PitiCure line has NutriumMoisture, which is actually a soothing close to this cleansing ritual.

In conjunction with a highly soothing formula, Dove’s PitiCure line did not leave those ugly deodorant marks on clothing … major plus! One last item to share in this review, PitiCure promises to leave you fresh for 48 hours, and in fact, we tested this yesterday and today … we’re still fresh! Dove PitiCure products are available at retailer’s nationwide.

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