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New dog toy makes fetch a new game

A great new dog toy is now available for your pooch.
A great new dog toy is now available for your pooch.

iFetch is a great new dog toy that is taking the dog world by storm. In the hard to break into pet industry the Hamill family has found a niche for an innovative toy that will amuse a fetch loving canine for hours and give him the exercise he needs to stay healthy.

iFetch was crated somewhat by accident to amuse a family pet so other tasks could be completed first when the dog wanted play time. Launched in only July 2013, iFetch has already has received international attention and won numerous awards, including “Best New Product” and “Best in Show” at Superzoo 2013.

iFetch launches appropriately dog sized soft balls so your dog can fetch and return them without you having to constantly toss them. With a little training, any pooch can learn to return and drop the balls into the top so the game continues as long as he wants.

The iFetch website has lots of information, training tips, FAQ’s and you can order one directly from the website. Just click here.

Check out this testimonial from a new iFetch owner:

“I received this dog toy for review a few weeks ago, and all I can say is “Wow!” My dog loves it! I have a 70 lb. pit bull/hound mix and he is hard on all his toys; destroying them in a matter of hours. My wife and I both work and my dog is home by himself (with the exception of two cats) for about 5 hours a day. He has a few toys to keep him busy, but this is his favorite.

The iFetch is VERY sturdy and durable. My dog chews on EVERYTHING, and this has stood up to tooth, tongue and slobber! The instructions were easy to understand, and we had the toy up and running in no time! Using the supplied website instructions, we gathered some treats and were ready to go…. My dog quickly got the concept of bringing the ball back to the toy, and after a few times of working with him (and a few dozen treats), he dropped the ball in the top. From then on, he was hooked. When we leave for the day, we make sure that the iFetch is plugged in and on the 10 foot setting, and when we get home, the dog is all tired out and happy!

The ONLY thing that could be improved is that the balls that come with the iFetch could be bigger. They have a tendency to constantly roll under furniture (mostly the sofa) and the dog can’t get them. If they were a little bigger, they wouldn’t roll under there!

All in all, I am very pleased with this toy, and look forward to many years of fun and use out of it.”

This toy is given a 4.9 out of 5 by this reporter. Maybe in the future they will offer a selection of different sized play balls for different sized dogs or furniture styles. Check iFetch out today. It would make the perfect gift for any new pooch parent or yourself.

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