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New docu-drama 'Soaked In Bleach' to explore theories on Kurt Cobain's death

Kurt Cobain is a music legend, known for his contribution to modern rock music, marrying a sometimes judgement-impaired Courtney Love (i.e. her Malaysia Airlines claim) and his tragic suicide. Now a new documentary aims to explore different 'conspiracy theories' as to what really happened in the Nirvana front man's Seattle home on April 5th, 20 years ago this week.

Told through actual documented evidence, re-enactments of the crime scene, a recounting of the Cobain's final days and interviews from people associated with the case, the film aims to shed more light on a case that many called 'rushed' and 'mishandled' and poses the idea that Cobain was murdered at his Seattle home, suggesting that his death involved much more complexity.

Among those connected to the investigation are Love's attorney and private investigator, both of whom believe Love had a hand in her husband's death. Tom Grant was hired by Love in 1994 to find Cobain after he disappeared from the Exodus Recovery Center where he was seeking treatment from his drug usage. He ended up accusing Love, believing that she wanted him dead so she could inherit his estate (recently valued at $450 million dollars, as reported by The Daily Beast.) Her attorney Rosemary Carroll appears in the film as well, who believes that Love used handwriting examples from Cobain's journal to forge his signature on the suicide note. Love also stated on audio recordings that all the ensuing publicity from being a suspect was "good publicity". One very evident and strange thing about Love was that she seemed to show no outward sadness or sense of loss after Cobain's death.

Whether Cobain really killed himself or Courtney Love indeed did him in is a mystery and will probably always be. With no plans to re-open the case, we can never really know what happened in those few last spring days but we can be sure that there is and will continue to be a debate. Cobain will continue to be an icon to generations, with that status being solidified later this month as Nirvana is inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame.

As of right now there is no release date for the film but you can see the official Trailer here.

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