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New DNA Technology May Soon Help You See Ancestor’s Past Lives

DNA Strands may soon carry messages and memories to future generations
DNA Strands may soon carry messages and memories to future generations
Photo Credit Science Gymnasium

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look through the eyes of your great grandparents or maybe even see what life was like during the American Civil War or the pioneering days? That may just be possible and much, much more thanks to advancements in DNA memory technology, according to Science Gymnasium.

With breathtaking leaps being accomplished in unraveling the hidden secrets of DNA, researchers at Atlanta’s Emory University School of Medicine might just be on the edge of a new breakthrough in learning how memories can be passed from generation to generation.

With tests conducted on mice, the scientists are learning that that certain memories from one generation of mice is being passed on to the later generations. For instance when a mouse experienced certain stressful or even distressful experiences, the descendants of the mouse can recall those memories and protect themselves.

But this type of research is just on the tip of a whole new world of possibilities that may truly reveal whether information or even messages and actual memories are sent or coded for future generations.

Science Gymnasium suggests that scientists may initially want to look for ways to help future generations deal with hidden phobias, or possible generationally neuropsychiatric disorders. Yet there are many more practical everyday and even personal uses for emerging DNA applications.

When scientists learn how the information is coded onto the DNA, then the next step could be having a person purchasing a DNA zip drive where all your memories and experiences could be shared with future generations by simply inputting them into a DNA strand drive.

Who knows, by 2072 or 2080, you might be able to open up a DNA four-dimensional channel discussion with your great-great grandchild via DNA hologram phone.

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