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New DmC trailer stars a hungover Dante

Let's face it, hangovers are the worst. After a night of fun you wake up feeling like you were hit by a bus full of football players who are now all sitting on your head. Now imagine waking up that same day and having to fight a bunch of demons while the world thinks you're a terrorist. That's what Dante is going through in this new DmC trailer.

Even hung over Dante is still the best at what he does.
Image courtesy of Capcom

If you're still worried that Team Ninja is making a huge mistake by not giving Dante his trademark red coat and white hair, maybe this trailer will change your mind. Even hung over Dante is still as tough as ever, despite the world hating his guts thanks to misinformed political pundits on tv. You only wish you could be as awesome.

DmC should be out later this year. Keep an eye on these stores around Anoka County for more information.


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