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New DLC out today for ‘Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition,’ available later on Xbox One

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After slowing teasing the new avatar skins that will be made available in the next DLC for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, a release date was finally attached to the latest add-on for 4J Studios’ first console port of the sandbox creation title and it will be releasing much sooner than fans might have expected. In fact, Skin Pack 6 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition will be rolling out later today as the official website for Xbox Live Arcade revealed on June 23.

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Furthermore, the add-on will also be available at the launch of the upcoming Xbox One edition of Minecraft. While Mojang previously announced that most of the game’s existing DLC will indeed transfer to the new-gen versions of the block=building title, fans were informed that many of the add-ons featuring licensed content would not be available on the Xbox One due to legal issues. However, it has been confirmed that Skin Pack 6 will release on Xbox One and that players who purchase it now on Xbox 360 will later be able to transfer the add-on to the new hardware.

Skin Pack 6 brings a new batch of playable character to the Xbox editions of Minecraft. Despite the fact that the game’s latest DLC will only be available to Xbox owners, the new avatar skins are based on characters from both Microsoft exclusive franchises and cross-platform series alike. The add-on features skins inspired by Killer Instinct, Dragon Age, State of Decay, Mirror’s Edge: Faith, Trials Fusion, and Super T.I.M.E. Force among others.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was the first version of the game to release on home consoles. The game celebrated is second anniversary on the Xbox 360 earlier this spring and 4J Studios also launched a Playstation 3 version of Minecraft late last year. The developer is currently working to introduce the series to more platforms as new versions of the game will launch on the PS4, Xbox One, and PS Vita in August.