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New “Divergent” clip shows Eric talking to Initiates

As the release date for Divergent comes closer to the release date, clips will be surfacing to help promote the movie. In the new clip, we see Eric (Jai Courtney) talking to the Initiates about cutting Initiates after each round and how they will become Factionless.

New clips hows Eric talking to the Initiates before the initiation begins

This is a change of pace as we see for the first time Eric in action in the movie. Eric, as the readers now, could be thought of as the ‘villain’ of this movie as he’s the he really has no emotions when it comes to the Initiates. He does anything he can to show his power over the Initiates and this little glimpse shows just how he can be.

There have been two clips released so far. The first one depicted Four and Tris talking about his tattoos and the second clip showed Tris breaking through in her stimulation.

Divergent is set to come out March 21st with a special advance screening at 8pm on the 20th. Tickets went on sale today and can be ordered through Fandango.

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