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New distillery to open in Pottstown, Pennsylvania in February 2014

The barrels to be used by Manatawny Still Works.
The barrels to be used by Manatawny Still Works.
Manatawny Still Works

Manatawny Still Works will open in Pottstown, Pennsylvania next month.

The new distillery is located behind the Pottstown Municipal Airiport, in the Circle of Progress Industrial Park beside the Manatawny Creek.

Manatawny's founding partners are John Giannopoulos, Jeff Vaughan, Paul Czachor, Al Matarazzo and Derek Menaldino. Distiller Max Pfeffer, formerly of Sly Fox Brewing Company, will run day-to-day operations.

Sly Fox, located in the same industrial park, will provide Manatawny with wash, the liquid at the end of fermentation that is the first step in distillation.

“To make great whiskey, you have to start with great beer,” says Pfeffer. “By focusing on the best ingredients, you’ve got a head start on bottling great spirits.”

Like many new distilleries, Manatawny will start by selling an unaged white whiskey, called Virgin Whiskey. They will also sell a light rum, called Sedition.

However, the distillery's signature brand, Pennsylvania Whiskey, won't be available for two years.

Pfeffer added, “Not only will we concentrate on the more traditional spirits like vodka, rum, and whiskey but we’ll do some seasonal small batches that will only be available in our tasting room at the distillery.”

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