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New Dierks Bentley album ‘Riser’ to hit stores February 25

Dierks Bentley is soon to release his seventh studio album "Riser", which features the popular single “I Hold On.” As the country music star kicks off his second decade of recording, he has readied his most emotional album yet.

Dierks Bentley releases most emotional album yet with "Riser"
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

When Dierks Bentley set out to make his next studio album, he couldn’t have foreseen the changes that life would bring or all the ways they would cause him to rethink the direction of his project. In June of 2012, Dierks Bentley found himself grieving the death of his father. By October of the following year, Dierks himself had become a father for the first time with the birth of his son, Knox.

The transition from grieving son to joyful father was a long and difficult process, but in the end, Dierks Bentley credits his fans for helping him return to that place of joy.

Dierks Bentley confesses that there is a lot of intense material on this record, but assures fans there is a lighter side as well. The album’s title "Riser" refers to surviving, as in rising from the ground and standing back up after life has knocked you down.

Dierks Bentley has indeed gotten back up. Hopefully, fans will reward his openness and hard work by picking up a copy of “Riser” on February 25.

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