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New Diamond Finder app makes you a diamond expert

There's more to know about diamonds than the four Cs of clarity, color, carat and cut
There's more to know about diamonds than the four Cs of clarity, color, carat and cut

Whether you are searching for the perfect diamond for an engagement ring, wedding band or other special diamond jewelry, your search is easier with the new Diamond Finder app from There's a lot to think about when shopping for the perfect stone. Carat, clarity, cut and color are the four Cs of diamond quality.

The new Diamond Finder app will help you find the perfect diamond

Online jeweler and diamond industry innovator has created an app that lets prospective buyers navigate the sometimes confusing world of diamond buying. Now available for free on iTunes, the Diamond Finder app searches hundreds of thousands of diamonds and lets you see a stone's price based on your quantifiable variables.

Customers are able to purchase a diamond directly from the app, speak with a Diamond and Jewelry Expert on their findings, or use the app in a jewelry store to make sure they aren't taken advantage of during their diamond search.

“The inventory feed is updated daily to ensure accuracy and availability," says Shai Barel, Director of Strategic Partnerships for The company also recently launched a 3D printing program for customers so they can see the actual size of the ring they want to buy- and try it on in the comfort of their own homes “The app compliments the 3D printing program nicely," Barel goes on to say, “the goal is to give our customers the most transparent and easy shopping experience we can".

Diamond Finder also features pages of diamond education, a glossary of diamond technology, and short yet stylish videos that enhance the digital diamond educational experience. Both "The Diamond Cut Guide" and "How to Buy Diamonds Without Breaking the Bank" videos give prospective customers a cool user interface and informative buying guide that isn't outdated or overwhelming.

Clarity shouldn’t just be limited to diamonds. Customers should also have clarity when shopping for diamonds. “Whether they want to purchase from us or they are in a local jewelry store and want to make sure they are getting a fair deal; we’d like to be considered the for diamonds.” Barel says. Diamonds can be purchased directly from the app or customers can request to speak with a diamond and jewelry expert on their findings.

For the past two decades, has built a reputation as one of the leading retailers of diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry. Each of their diamonds is hand-picked by gemologists and their jewelry is manufactured in the United States by master jewelers.

As you shop for the perfect jewelry item, they’ll guide you through the process with clear, honest advice, ensuring that your choice reflects your personal style and preferences. They offer a life-time warranty on all of their jewelry; care & maintenance services, free shipping and all diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free.

Before you begin shopping for your next diamond, visit the Appstore or Google Play and download the Diamond Finder app. Vow to "never pay retail again" by using the Diamond Finder app.

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