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New details about Jenise Wright's killer released

Jenise Wright was raped and murdered
Chelsea Hoffman 2014

New details about Jenise Wright's killer have been released as of Monday morning (Aug. 11), and the suspect's name has been leaked via social media -- mostly due to the boy's neighbors talking about him. That's not the only new update in the case. This source reports that the slain child's father wants the public to "forgive" the 17-year-old boy accused of killing her. It takes an incredible amount of resolve to be able to speak out like this so soon after learning that his little girl was raped and killed by someone who lived "just around the corner" from their home. It's also the nicest thing being said about the young man -- who is not being named in media, but is being flung all over Twitter, Facebook and assorted crime forums.

"He seemed to be a fairly nice kid. He always was pleasant. Other than that, I don't know anything about the 17-year-old," said one of the slain child's neighbors (of the suspect).

The teen is expected to appear in court for the first time today, and neighbors have witnessed investigators removing items from his family's home -- including at least three vehicles. So it's certain that there is a big case brewing against him -- possibly a case as big as the one against Austin Sigg, the teen who killed Jessica Ridgeway. Will his name and face be revealed today when the media undoubtedly storms the county courthouse where he'll be attending his first hearing? Hopefully, because the public needs to be aware of just who stands accused of this horrific crime.

This story -- like so many others of this nature -- goes to show that you simply cannot trust anyone, and you definitely do not know your neighbors, even if you think you do. That's why it's absolutely important to pay attention when it comes to letting your kids out to play. Had this child been watched properly, she would be alive today. Unfortunately, the teen accused of killing her would probably still find another innocent child to rape and kill.

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