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New 'Destiny' trailer assaults the Devil's Lair

Bungie promised a blowout of “Destiny” information for Monday and they delivered. The festivities started with a seven minute gameplay video for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 title that sends a group of adventurers into a Fallen lair.

Titled “Devils’ Lair”, the trailer opens with the “Destiny” loading screen and into a cut-scene explaining the mission. As three players’ ships travel in orbit above Earth, they are given a mission briefing explaining that a Fallen hive has been discovered beneath the ruins of a Cosmodrome.

The next six minutes features the trio running and gunning their way through the exterior of the Cosmodrone into the interior base. The classic “Halo” gameplay formula is present with different classes of enemies charging in during pockets of action. Even an AI is present to help guide the narrative during the mission and hack items as needed.

It’s obvious that Bungie is not making huge changes to the “Halo” formula with “Destiny” but is evolving things instead. Players will be able to customize their characters and the special powers that come with them. Additionally,

“Destiny” is also designed to be a much more social game as COO Pete Parsons told Polygon. "People want to play with one another," Parsons said. "They want the freedom to be able to do whatever they want."

The scale of the game is also vastly different spanning different planets in the solar system as well as the moon. More than 500 people are working on “Destiny” which is a significant amount more than the 150 that worked on Bungie’s last game, “Halo: Reach”.

“Destiny” will be playable at E3 this year but details on when the beta will be available have not been announced yet. Pre-ordering the game for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 guarantees a spot in the beta but GameStop announced a pre-order exclusive today as well – an upgraded Sparrow vehicle with custom paint job, better acceleration, higher top speed and higher durability.

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