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New design for Facebook Pages coming soon

On Monday, March 10, Kurt Wagner of Mashable reported that Facebook is gradually rolling out changes to the desktop versions of Pages, giving them what the company describes as "a streamlined look."

 Actor Ian Somerhalder visited the Facebook Pop-Up HQ during South By Southwest on March 8, 2014 in Austin, Texas
Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Facebook describes Pages as "tools for your business, brand or organization." Facebook provides links to examples of Pages for a variety of products, celebrities, the television series Modern Family and People magazine. Facebook users in the greater Spokane area may not be directly affected by the update unless they have created Pages for their business ventures or often visit the Pages of companies and celebrities they support.

Wagner gave an overview of how Pages are changing.

According to Wagner, "The new design includes two columns similar to the old version, but the right column is now the Page's timeline and the left includes information about the brand or corporation. In the previous design, both columns served as the Timeline; posts were staggered between the left and right columns as users scrolled down.

"In the new design, the 'Invite Your Friends' section has moved from the right side of the screen to the left, and the text box for posting switched from the left to the right side.

"For Page admins, a new metrics section on the far right-hand side of the Page includes data about ads, Likes and post reach. Facebook is also rolling out 'Pages to Watch' for all admins, meaning users can create a list of similar or competitor pages to compare metrics like engagement and Page Likes."

On Monday, March 10, Emil Protalinski of The Next Web discussed the benefits for people who use Pages.

According to Protalinski, "You’ll notice that the left-side column includes all the information about the Page, including a map, possible hours of business, phone number, website URL, as well as photos and videos. This is further confirmation by Facebook that the previous multiple-column design was simply too confusing; the company has decided to put all posts on the right side and all other information on the left.

"In fact, Facebook only started to switch user profiles to the one-column design in March 2013, and finished doing so last May. Now Pages are following suit, finally ridding the social network of the format that forced users to scan two columns back and forth while scrolling."

Protalinski added that in addition to the features for Page admins Wagner mentioned, there are other new tools that may make it easier for people to keep track of their content and ads.

"... Page admins will be happy to know they can now view information about the ads they’re running, new likes, unread notifications, and messages no matter where they are on the Page," Protalinski said. "Facebook has also added new navigation options at the top for accessing Page activity, insights, and settings. The new Build Audience menu takes admins to their Ads Manager account.

Wagner said the new look for Pages is gradually rolling out this week. People in the Spokane area who have considered creating Pages for their businesses or organizations may want to spend some time visiting Pages that have been created already and see if the design changes would work for them.

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