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New demo by Mandi Kitchen

Mandi Kitchen
Mandi Kitchen
Photo courtesy of MK

Singer/songwriter Mandi Kitchen is doing a music internship in Colorado and just released her newest demo, Next to You.  This demo was recorded in north Denver in her friend Graham Waks' recording studio.  It took about 2 months total to record.

When asked what the biggest challenge has been in the recording process, Mandi says the most difficult thing is that the recording environment is different every time so she always has to readjust.  "This time it was trying to get the perfect arrangements for the tunes and not going too far with them.  Finding the balance for what the song needs was and continues to be a definite challenge."

The most enjoyable aspect of recording for her is seeing her music take on various dimensions with the addition of every new instrument.  "Something as small as a hand drum can influence and take your song to a new level you never even imagined before."

Mandi says promoting this demo is going to be mostly online promotion: "I have it on my myspace, my website and sent it to everyone on my email list.  I will do some promotion with it at my shows and have given it to various people who can help me along my path as a performer and an artist and will continue to do so with any upcoming connections I make."

Her internship has been a very good opportunity to realize what all goes into being a performing, professional artist.  "I have learned many things including the day-to-day seeming insignificant details that have an overall large effect on any performing artist.  I have also learned that you need to have passion about whatever it is that you decide on for a career because that is what will keep you going when times get rough.