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New debris brings optimism and skepticism to Malayaisia's missing MH370 flight

Malaysia Airlines and the families of the missing MH370 are breaking down
Malaysia Airlines and the families of the missing MH370 are breaking down
Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

13 days after Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing, news broke on Thursday, Mar. 20., reporting that Australian satellite images found large pieces of debris floating in the Indian Ocean. The satellite images have led experts to measure the debris pieces, reporting that one piece is at least 79 feet long -- a dimension consistent with the span of a 777 plane, the same model as the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370.

News of the debris find, discovered 4 days ago, was publicly announced by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott -- why news of the discovery took 4 days to be announced is still a question which remains unanswered.

Although to date, this find is the most optimistic one, Australian PM Tony Abbott clearly stated in his public announcement that; "The task of locating these objects will be extremely difficult and it may turn out they are not related to the search for MH370."

Reason for Australian PM Tony Abbott to say that locating these objects will be “extremely difficult” to find, is due to the location which has been labeled as one of the most remote areas on the globe. In order for search planes to scour the area in question, they’ll need to spend more than 4 hours reaching the location, conduct a search, then fly back another 4 hours to Australian land.

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The alternative to planes searching the area, are ships which can remain in the waters for a much longer period of time than planes can remain in the air – the reason why a Norwegian car carrier, the Hoegh St. Petersburg, has become the first ship to reach the debris.

However, this find is not one of its kind, since the Chinese government on March 12, released their own satellite images showing debris which could have easily been mistaken for a crashed plane -- but it turned out to be nothing.

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Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH370 crashing itself and being obliterated, is just one of the theories being presented – criminal investigation is the other. Speculation over hijacking, foul play, or even terrorist activity has and continues to be posed, questioning the credibility and honor of the 2 pilots flying the plane.

Something happened, and the public, including the poor families of all those on-board flight MH370 deserve a real answer, hopefully they and all of us will get it.

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If the pilots wanted to commit suicide, why didn’t they leave a note? If they wanted to take over the plane for the purpose of committing a terrorist act, why have they not taken credit for doing so?

With so much technological intelligence existing in all of the world’s super powers, how is it that we can’t find flight MH370?

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