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New Crabtree & Evelyn product a welcome hint of spring

Snow. Sleet. Ice. Grey skies. Coat-huddling cold. Enough already.

New Crabtree & Evelyn products a welcome hint of spring
Jackie Sheckler Finch
New Crabtree & Evelyn products a welcome hint of spring
Jackie Sheckler finch

Here it is the end of March and snow is swirling through the air again. Waiting for spring to arrive in Indiana this year seems to take forever.

So a gift box that arrived at my front door was a welcome hint of the season to come. Crabtree & Evelyn’s new English Honey and Peach Blossom collection comes in a lovely package with a simple design. But it was when I opened the container that I got a fragrant whiff of spring.

Closing my eyes, I can smell the peach blossoms and almost hear the honeybees buzzing around the warm rich scent. But it was the soothing feel of the body lotion and glistening face serum that really let me see the benefits of this new product.

Known as the “nectar of the gods,” honey has long been valued for its curative and beautifying properties. As a sign of its worth, honey was traded like gold and offered to deities. The new English Honey and Peach Blossom is a nod to that past.

For the product, Crabtree & Evelyn estheticians chose a natural extract of wild flower honey known to hydrate dry parched skin. In my gift body lotion, peach blossom extract and moisturizing shea butter were added to the honey for a soft and silky lightweight lotion.

Many lotions are too thick for my preference. I don’t sit still for long so when I apply lotion, I want it to go on smooth and be dry to the touch almost immediately. That’s what the new Crabtree & Evelyn English Honey and Peach Blossom body lotion does. I was surprised at how quickly it is absorbed and how non greasy it feels. I put some lotion on before I started typing this and my hands don’t feel sticky at all.

Same thing with the glistening face serum. The serum is a combination of yeast extract from the blue agave leaf to hydrate along with honey and peach blossom extracts to moisturize and condition. Directions say to apply it before moisturizer. I used it after my bedtime bath instead of moisturizer. The result is a clean hydrating feel unlike the thick mask that some face products leave. No smeary mess on my bed pillow.

Other products in the new line include hand therapy lotion, body butter, body wash, moisturizing cream, all purpose balm and lip salve.

For those who are curious about how Crabtree & Evelyn got its name, the small family-run business was founded in 1972 by Cyrus Harvey. The name was in honor of John Evelyn, a 17th century botanist, and the English Crabapple tree, prized for its beauty and strength. The first store specialized in fine soaps that Harvey would find on his world travels.

The company soon grew to include other productions as people began to search out the Crabtree & Evelyn brand. Long before the “natural” and “wellness” movements became popular, Crabtree & Evelyn was producing products featuring fruit, flower and plant essences. The company now has a retail presence in more than 65 counties including over 200 wholly owned branded retail stores.

Of course, Crabtree & Evelyn products are also available online at

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