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New Costco Baby Wipes Stain


Don't get the wipe package wet - it will stain!  ZF Photo

Costco's baby wipes are a great value and useful to have around the house because kids of all ages get messy.  There are thousands of things you can do with baby wipes, including getting stains out.  But their packaging should not stain.

Since this Examiner's kids are older, we do not go through baby wipes like we use to.  Purchasing them every few months, I noticed the packaging changed a bit.  I put them in their usually spot on the bathroom counters.  After a few days there were black marks on the white counter-tops. 

The black smudges were not going away with regular cleaning.  Finally I figured out that on the bottom of the Costco baby wipe package was a stamped number.  It says - ethylene brassylate with a long number and is probably there if they are recalled.  My counter-tops were getting wet and this black stamp rubbed off onto it.

With a lot of scrubbing and finally using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, the black marks came off one counter-top.  Nothing worked on the other counter-top, but it is now fading and almost back to normal.

Just be careful where you place your package of Costco baby wipes.

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