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New Constantine Trailer, More Monsters, More Action!

John Constantine is a flat out amazing exorcist, but by the looks of things in this exclusive San Diego Comic Con trailer, he's going to have his hands full.

Like other new DC Comics-based shows The Flash and Gotham, Constantine gas been splashed all over the San Diego Comic-Con this year. On Saturday night DC and Warner Bros. screened a re-tooled version of the pilot for fans in San Diego, then released another trailer for the show to the rest of us out here in the Verse.

The show is guaranteed to be filled with other heroes and villains from the DC universe. The rumor mill has been blanketed with talks of The Spectre making an appearance, Dr Fate, and even Ibis the Invisible. So far the word of any Arrow or The Flash crossover stories have been laid to rest. The answer is no.

The new trailer offers a lot of new images and footage of our favorite Hellblazer doing his thing and doing it well. Earlier trailers were definitely heavier on the relationship between Constantine and Liv. The new trailer concentrates more on the monsters and the darker view of Constantine's world. And it works. It's easily the darkest of the trailers so far, and it plays up the idea that Constantine and his gang are going to be surrounded by these dark forces all the time.

Writer/producer David S Goyer has spoken about his work on DC TV series 'Constantine,' and why he was keen to take on the show.

Professing to have been a fan of John Constantine from the very beginning, Goyer tells Collider that the key to Constantine's appeal is his incongruity within the DC Comics universe:

"The thing that I always loved about Constantine is that he was a smart-ass. In a world of superheroes, and of demons and angels, he was just a complete smart-ass. He didn't have any superpowers. He was just a working-class bloke with a wicked sense of humor.

"And so, recently, after the 'Batman' and 'Superman' films [which Goyer wrote and produced], I met with Warners TV, and they said, "Will you do a DC TV project?" And I said, "I want Constantine. He's the one I want." I also felt like it was someone that would translate into television without us having to change the core DNA of the character."

Constantine premieres Oct. 24 on NBC.

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