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New Conspiracy spoilers revealed at Magic Pro Tour 'Journey into Nyx'

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Today Wizards of the Coast revealed several new spoiler cards from their upcoming Magic: The Gathering expansion set Conspiracy during the live stream of Pro Tour Journey into Nyx. You can check them all out in the attached slideshow.

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One thing to note about Conspiracy cards is that all of the ones we've seen don't cost anything to play and all add significant abilities or affects which could have a huge impact on your game. It's not known at the moment what the rules regarding Conspiracy cards outside of Conspiracy booster drafts.

Will there be an official Commander variant where they're legal? One idea for casual players for one player who's collected them all to distribute several at random at the beginning of a game, much the same way some players utilize the Planechase cards to add a bit of diversity to the game.

We'll be updating this list with links to our individual card reviews.

New Conspiracy cards:

  • Advantageous Proclamation
  • Brago's Favor
  • Double Stroke
  • Immediate Action
  • Lore Seeker
  • Muzzio's Preparations
  • Secrets of Paradise
  • Sentinel Dispatch

New "normal" cards:

Additionally, several reprints were mentioned during the video, most notable of which were Swords to Plowshares, Brainstorm, and Reflecting Pool.

Which new Conspiracy card or reprint are you looking forward to most?

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