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New CompuTrainer Studio open in Homer Glen!

Cyclists riding during a CompuTrainer class
N. McCarthy

Oh the weather outside is frightful....that is, at least, if you are a cyclist! The Chicagoland area hasn't had more than a few decent riding days for cyclists since November! And while that is pretty normal for this part of the country at this time of year, some cyclists and triathletes just cannot bear to not ride for this long of a period. So what do they do? They take it indoors. There are stationary bikes, spin classes, indoor trainers and - best of all - the CompuTrainer!

A CompuTrainer is a stationary trainer that is connected to a computer and can do a variety of things - from testing your pedaling efficiency to simulating a race course to running a course designed by a coach, these machines can do wonders for your cycling power and speed. New riders frequently wonder, "Am I good enough to take one of these classes?". The beauty of it is that everyone rides at their own ability. Much like a treadmill, where a 6:00 minute/mile runner can run right next to a 10:00 minute/miler, these trainers are designed to give everyone - regardless of ability - a great workout.

Just this month, a brand new CompuTrainer facility has opened in Homer Glen. The studio has 8 CompuTrainers, 5 television screens, separate mens and womens changing area and offers FREE bike storage! Pricing options are the the best deal around - one session can be purchased at just $15, a 10 session pass is $12 and you can opt for a monthly unlimited package for just $60!

If you are an avid cyclist, aspiring triathlete or just someone who wants to ride a bike in the winter, check it out!

Visit and click the first tab called "Schedule". There are a variety of class days and times to choose from.

Full speed ahead to spring riding!

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