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New computer game will feature Kim Jong Un fighting U.S. invasion

An odd new computer game called Glorious Leader will be appearing on the scene very soon. It is currently in the works by the Atlanta-based video-game maker, Moneyhorse. According to a report Wednesday by ABC News, the retro video game will allow players to experience the thrill of being Kim Jong Un while he bravely fights off the U.S. Military as they attack North Korea. It will originally be available on PC and mobile in a planned November launch.

Glorious Leader is a planned video game that pits Kim Jong Un against an invading U.S. Army.
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The creator of the game explains that the game is a form of satire, which may be the first question on readers’ minds. Jeff Miller says they even “amped up the ridiculousness” so that people would know it was satire. Being branded as an apologist for North Korea was not something he wanted to achieve! He did describe that he was very interested in the highly secretive country.

Most people who follow North Korea’s young leader might add that ridiculousness is inherent in his bizarre appearance, particularly his most-unusual hairstyle. His friendship with American basketball player Dennis Rodman, himself quite bizarre and ridiculous, has been in the news recently. Rodman also appears in this video game, featured in the opening credits with Jong Un on a basketball court carrying guns.

According to Daily, the game Glorious Leader, complete with arcade-style music, will be available on PC in Pyongyang soon, but that is hard to imagine given the strict control exercised in the country. Jong Un has not reacted well to being ridiculed, even good-naturedly, in the past, so the game may get a slow start in North Korea. It could be that the satire does not translate, though, and Jong Un could be flattered by the attention like he was with a satirical news article on the Onion that classified him as a good-looking heartthrob.

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