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New company RenewableOne launched in Miami to sell innovative green technologies and services

Solar panels on roof.
Solar panels on roof.
AP Photo/Eric Risberg

As part of the current Franchise Expo South in Miami that ends tomorrow, a new franchise system has been announced to sell innovative green technologies and services nationwide, according to a press release published by PRNewswire. RenewableOne, LLC is the name of the new company that plans to spread the availability of these products through franchised stores.

Co-founder and inventor Robert D. Hunt announced the launch of RenewableOne, LLC during the event as well as some of the unique technologies that they will be offering. For example:

- Linear Power’s long-stroke free-piston engine and the Sprague gear transmission. These technologies are licensed to Kinetic E, LLC  (located in Bingham Farms, MI and listed as a Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturer with approx. 2 employees and revenues of $160k) to use compressed air as propulsion power for cars. This technology, according to the release, will also be used by Free Green Energy to convert “200 end-of-life oil and gas wells into long-life electrical power generators”.
- Pyramid Solar Renewable building structures that produce fresh water and electricity from walls and roofs as well as heat or cooling of the interior. Includes clear polycarbonate interlocking modules that are UV resistant and waterproof for roofs integrated with photovoltaic and thermal solar technologies.

In addition to their inventory of green technologies and services, the RenewableOne Franchise Concept stores will function as clean energy power plants. They expect revenues from long-term purchase contracts from the power generated. Their concept includes the “Renewable Energy Deal Room” that will help with the structuring and financing of projects using tax credits rebates and other incentives.

The company is hoping that its RenewableOne Franchise Concept and the multiple innovative and exclusive products, like the structural materials from Pyramid Solar, will be strong and unmatched differentiators to attract customers.


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